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Don Desfosse grew up in Chelmsford, is a member of Chelmsford High School Class of 1987, and lives in Chelmsford with his wife and two daughters.  Don's active with his church, is a life member of the Chelmsford High School Alumni Association, and is a volunteer safety counselor for the FAA.
If you really want to get Don excited, add aviation to any conversation and he's in heaven. Why? Because he's an avid aviator, holding Airline Transport Pilot and Flight Instructor certificates, and is rated in Single and Multiengine, Land and Sea Airplanes.  In addition to his knowledge of flying, Don has studied US air traffic control regulations and procedures extensively.  Although he doesn't fly as much as he used to anymore, every once in a while if you see a plane flying overhead, it'll be Don (and sometimes the family) checking out the town from above.
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