'My Home was Under Attack'

My immediate reactions to what happened in Watertown on Thursday, April 18, and Friday, April 19.

From a Friday, April 19 10:30 p.m. Facebook status update:

The nightmare of the last 24 hr was real. It did happen. There was no waking up from it, as I was already awake. I am proud to call Boston home and living in the burbs in Watertown is almost like living back home in South Burlington, VT. But I truly, for the first time in my life, feared for my life. My HOME was under attack. Some very dear friend's homes were under attack, right in the epi-center on Dexter Ave. My town was under siege. The places you saw on the news were the places I walk. The buildings you saw were buildings I used to work in. Most of today you were looking at the gym I work out in. The building I was locked down in, my home, my 'shelter-in place' was on yahoo.com behind a SWAT team vehicle. I shop in the mall where they setup the media and had the press conferences, I park in that parking lot.

I am typing on a new laptop I bought in that mall just about month ago. I took pictures of SWAT teams on my street, in front of my house, my safe haven. At one point I ventured out with my roommate, while under lock down, to see what all the people were talking pictures at two buildings away (sometime being stir crazy and having sleep deprivation messes with your head and your choices are not good). We didn't even get off our front steps. I turned to see an automatic weapon and a Swat team member right in front of me coming around the back on my house. MY HOUSE. There were three more behind him. Nicely, calmly, the first said he thinks it might be time for us to go back inside.

Then a second one with the concern in his voice like my father, asked if it was ok for us to go back in our house. We assured them it was and thanked them for everything they were doing. Since 1 am the three of us in my house all had a butcher knife with us. There were helicopters flying over so low it shook the house for close to 20 hours. For most of the day I had two to six cops standing in front of my house at all times. During the lock down I saw a couple in a mini-van stop in front of my house and had those same cops grab water out of the open back of the van. About three hours after we were greeted with automatic rifles on our front porch, the same roommate and I went out with a gallon of water and cups. More than once in the last 24 hrs I heard gun shots and explosives in my neighborhood. In the last 24 hrs I have had a total of 3 panic attacks, and countless tears. In the last 24 hrs I have had about an hour of sleep. But the body is funny, that hour felt like 4 and rejuvenated me. I know those same Swat team members, Watertown Police, State Police, FBI agents, and the countless other police officers PROTECTING MY TOWN did not have a wink of sleep. I had friend's running the marathon and was worried about them at the beginning of the week and never imagined them worrying about me by the end of the week. So in the end are the questions answered? No. Will they be? Who knows. But my take away message you is this: In the last 24 hrs my family in Vermont and so many of my facebook friends all over the world have been there for ME, you kept me going. You showed me your love and concern. My family in Vermont didn't sleep and I know friend's were with them in person and in prayer. From the bottom of my heart I thank you and I love you. But my mind still can't get over the fact that these two brothers were so young, the youngest was a teenager. I can't imagine what shit they have gone through for them to do these heinous acts to my HOME, my loved ones, my Watertown, my Boston. I and everyone who lives in Watertown and the surrounding communities are traumatized, as are our family, friends and loved one, and the healing will take a long time. But after all this I still hope the living brother receives prayers and the true care he needs. WATERTOWN STRONG BOSTON STRONG ♥

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mg April 30, 2013 at 04:33 PM
Good luck with that. I'll laugh from the comfort of my home (made safe by the authorities that protect the neighborhoods) as you're led out of your stupid log cabin in the middle of Montana in shackles and an orange jumpsuit.
Scott MacKeen April 30, 2013 at 04:53 PM
Pretty straight forward. Armed and dangerous criminal on the loose in the neighborhood, already suspected of using explosives and killing a police officer and thought to be carrying more explosives, police need to canvass house to house. Not sure what is controversial there. The city has come together in many different public shows of support for law enforcement at sporting events, etc.
Buzz April 30, 2013 at 05:03 PM
"If you didn't want to let them in your house because you have something to hide, I feel sorry for you." Umm, one doesn't have to have something to hide to not want the police, government, and associated agents in their house. If I KNOW a wanted person is NOT in my house, that is all I need to know. I don't need to have the police come into my home to tell me. Have you actually READ the US Constitution? P.S. I never called you ANY names. Re-read my post.
Dawn Scaltreto April 30, 2013 at 06:03 PM
Buzz, I have read the Constitution. I apologize if I was unclear - I was not addressing you when I was indicating name calling, I was addressing "Matthew" who called me a "coward". I understand your opinion differs from mine, and I respect that and hope you don't think I am disrespectful to you. I do kind of feel that you are dismissive and disrespectful of my opinion. I am sure a lot of intelligent, educated people like me who have also read our Constitution may also disagree with your opinion. And maybe there are intelligent, educated people who agree with you.
Brenda June 04, 2013 at 02:15 PM
Buzz I can't even believe you uttered those words, stating that your going to tell the police that you will do it yourself and refuse to let them in. they are hunting down someone who is going on a killing spree for fun. You think for a second that I want him to skip your house and possibly not find him. what if you looked through your house and he was in fact there but you missed him. the lives that have been distroyed and the nerves from most americans within a 10 mile radius thinking he is going to come to there town and do something to them isn't enough for you to allow them in your house. you make me sick. and remember your not a police office and you don't have the ability to conduct a prpoer search, they are well rehearsed. get a clueand smarten up!!!


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