Athlete of the Week: Erin Nee

The versatile captain of the AC girls lacrosse team—who also plays basketball and soccer—is an important part of the Cougars' success.

For most athletes, there are typically one or two areas within their respective sports that play to their strengths. On the Arlington Catholic High School girls lacrosse team, senior tri-captain Erin Nee brings a certain versatility to the table that allows her to excel both defensively and offensively.

Having a player able to step in and play different positions is something that makes life for AC head coach Jessica Nassar that much easier.

“Erin is a very versatile player so it’s easy for me to move her from one position to the next if I need her skill on the field,” Nassar said. “She’s an extremely fast, hard-working and determined athlete who is also very coachable, so it’s definitely been a joy to have her on my team.”

As a senior and one of the leaders of the team, Nee has had no trouble making a strong impact on the field for Arlington Catholic, and has had a very strong senior season. She is currently the second leading scorer on the team with a total of 24 goals and four assists on the season. At the other end of the field, she has displayed a strong defensive presence when she is called to do so. She has about 23 turnovers on the season while anchoring the back line whenever she is in that position.

Along with her fellow senior captains Rachel Fistori and Meg O’Donnell, Nee is counted on by her coach and teammates to provide leadership and ensure everybody is on the same page. The senior leads by example on the field with her strong play and work ethic, while being vocal and speaking up when the time calls for it.

“All three of our captains have strong leadership skills, and Erin is definitely respected by the underclassmen and the rest of her teammates,” Nassar said. “She always knows when it’s time to work hard and get the job done, and when we can relax a bit have some fun. All of her teammates really react well to her leadership role.”

This respect for Nee transcends  the lacrosse field and the AC girls program. She has earned all-star recognition from the Catholic Central League, and was also selected by the Arlington Catholic faculty to receive the Women’s Athlete Award this past year. Along with lacrosse, Erin has also played four years of soccer and basketball.

More than just succeeding athletically, Nee has made it a point to maintain a certain level of excellence in the classroom. While competing as a three-sport athlete for four years of high school, she has been able to maintain a strong grade point average and remain a consistent member of the honor roll. Her academic accomplishments have allowed her to earn a scholarship to the University of Rhode Island, where she will be attending next fall.

“Erin is such a well rounded person who juggles three sports and still manages to get good grades,” Vassar said. “I am really proud to have coached her for four years on the lacrosse field and wish nothing but the best for her in the future.”


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