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ALOHA mental arithmetic is a technique taught in over 3000 centers around the globe that has been widely accepted and proven to improve whole brain development. Abacus and Mental Arithmetic method involves a combination of thinking and visualization. This requires the coordination of both the left brain and the right brain. Starting with the abacus as an initial tool to perform arithmetic calculation, the child gradually moves on to visualize the abacus in his/her mind and perform arithmetic calculation at stunning speed and accuracy.

ALOHA Mind Math, Popular ABACUS Math enrichment program, is an instructor led program with small class sizes. It is not based on repetitive or rote learning, but rather on developing superior arithmetic skills through different learning methods. We teach arithmetic skills using visual, listening and hands-on techniques in a small classroom setting, making it a pleasant experience for young children to learn and master math skills. The unique abacus based teaching and mental math training of ALOHA Mind Math helps in whole brain development and develops superior math skills, focus, and visualization skills.
Our Objective:
1. Assist the child to overcome the fear of math and numbers starting with the abacus.
2. Provide training to perform high speed complex calculations without the aid of a calculator.
3. Cultivate patience and improve focusing skills that has a direct impact on the child's overall academic achievements.
4. Improve visualization and listening skills.
5. The training overall sharpens the observation skills in a child, proven to aid right brain development and memory.


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