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Women, Minorities Underrepresented in State Legislature

The strong majority of Massachusetts' legislators are white and male.

Although Chelmsford is currently represented by a female Senator and has a female State Representative in its delegation, women, along with minorities, continue to make up a smaller share of state legislators than their numbers in the population at large suggest they would.

series of maps published by Wicked Local visually display the striking disparity. Blacks or Latinos together comprise 5.6 percent of the House (9 of 160 representative) and 2.5 percent of the Senate (1 of 40 senators) despite being 7.8 percent of the state's population and Latinos being 9.9 percent.

Nationally, 8.1 percent of legislators are black and 2.9 percent are Latino, according to the National Conference of State Legislatures, but these two groups comprise a higher percentage of the national population than they do of Massachusetts'.

Asians make up 5.6 of the state's population but there isn't a single Asian senator and they make up only 1.3 percent of representatives, according to Wicked Local's numbers.

Perhaps the biggest gap is seen in women. Despite the fact that 51.6 of Bay Staters are women, only 24.4 percent of representatives and 27.5 percent of senators are female. This number is exactly on par with the national average for representatives and a little higher for senators, according to the National Foundation for Women Legislators.

ron johnson October 11, 2012 at 07:33 PM
Mike, You made the assumption that I am for Golnik and no where have I said I am. I just do not like Tsongas. I also never forgave Kennedy. I am sorry but being responsible for someone's death is not comparable to making a mistatement in a debate or as part of a campaign. I am amazed that you cannot see the the difference. If Brown did the same thing I would disqualify him as someone fit for office as well. My point is while you are condemning Golnik you are completely unable to admit that what Kennedy did was far worse.
ron johnson October 11, 2012 at 07:48 PM
MIke, Again, I am not ignoring what Traveler's did after they paid EW, you, my friend are ignoring the facts. She did not represent the victims, she was retained by Travelers to protect them from further liability. The trust was to limit the claims that they may be required to pay as some future date. As far as victims and atttorneys supporting the concept, Mike, please remember the lawyers are happy to get paid sooner rather than perhaps later, of course they like the concept. The same with some of the victims as well, some money now may be better then some money later on. My point which you ignore is this, what did EW do after Traverlers reneged; she kept the money. Again, you may say she earned it and is under no obligation to donate it, or she could have worked for nothing, but she is the one making a point on working for the victims. She did not. I say she is a hypocrite and her actions are not in line with her claims.
Anna Bucciarelli October 11, 2012 at 08:29 PM
You lost me Al ... forgive my ignorance but I must ask just exactly who is Mr. Fahrquar? And I think you are correct, people vote parties for the most part, not individuals. Best not to align with any party.
Christina Walsh October 11, 2012 at 09:34 PM
Anna, Just a few comments on your post 1) it has not been proven that Ms. Warren used heritage to advance her career - that is just your opinion 2) Couldn't you say the same thing about Romney and working for the middle class? He says that he is for the middle class yet made millions from companies that eventually went bankrupt. Specifically, the example of the company where took $80 million out and the employees lost their pensions. They couldn't leave enough to cover the pensions? You begrudge Elizabeth Warren for making money but not Romney? 3) What exactly is the definition of a true resident of Massachusetts? Do you have to be born here to not be considered a blow-in? There are a lot of wonderful people who have moved here and contributed to their communities here. I truly dislike the term "blow-in" 4) And while you believe Ms. Warren is not trustworthy, I don't believe Mr. Brown is trustworthy. He says he is a moderate and his votes do not reflect that position. He definitely does not stand up for my rights and also my daughter's rights.
Anna Bucciarelli October 12, 2012 at 11:05 AM
Christina: 1) Neither has it been disproved and it is not simply MY opinion, it is that of many more knowledgeable folks as well; 2) I will never profess to be a financial expert but I do know that sometimes decisions must be made for a greater good, not always savory for some. It's just what happens sometimes and I don't like it any more than do you. I do NOT begrudge EW or anyone making a living but I do resent taking credit for substantially helping individuals while working for an ins. co. whose main goal is to contain & retain funds from individuals in their time of need then walking away when said ins. co. reneges instead of standing firm with the people. EW worked for the ins. co, not the folks; 3) I'm sorry you are offended by the term blow-in, I myself am a blow-in having lived in MA only since 1960 (probably before you were born) and I don't think the term derogatory, simply an expression. If it appeases you, I will rescind it. You're correct, people quietly make mighty contributions to communities in big and small ways every day and seek no rewards or recognition for themselves. My instinct tells me that is not the case here and I'm suspicious about EW's allegiance to MA, I suspect if she'd been offered a better position in another school, say Yale, there she'd go. Irrational of me? Perhaps, it may be the Bronx girl in me. 4) I don't like or trust EW, you don't trust SB, we disagree and that's what makes this country great, we're free to choose our positions.


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