Pot Shop Decisions Due This Week

The state is expected to winnow its list of more than 100 applicants to as many as 35 licensed medical marijuana operations.

(file photo)
(file photo)
By Chris Helms

The state is expected to approve as many as 35 medical marijuana dispensaries by the end of the week, according to the Associated Press via the Herald.

About 100 groups have applied to the Department of Public Health for the licenses to open medical pot shops around the state.

The licenses are being awarded by county, with at least one and no more than five per county. 

Here is a list of applicants for Middlesex County as of Jan. 27

Group Name, Name of CEO/ED, City or Town

1 Releaf Inc., David S. Safaii,   Framingham
ARL Healthcare Inc.,   Kenneth Housman,   Newton
CAS Foundation,   Jayne Vining,   Lowell
Central Ave Compassionate Care Inc.,   John H. Hiller,   Ayer
Fusion Health Group Inc.,   William S. Ober,   Lowell
Garden Remedies Inc.,   Dr. Karen Munkacy,   Newton
Mass Relief,   Steven Hurd,   Framingham
Massachusetts Compassionate Patient Care Corp,   James Thomas,   Framingham Massachusetts Compassionate Patient Care Corp,   James Thomas,   Ayer Massachusetts Medical Management Associates Inc.,   Catherine M. Congo,   Lowell
Middlesex Integrative Medicine Inc.,   Nancy J. Khoury,   Everett
Nature's Cure,   Joshua Kellerman,   Billerica
Patient Alliance Wellness Center Inc.,   Irina Salgan,   Framingham
Patriot Care Corp.,   Robert Mayerson,   Lowell
Prime Wellness of MA Inc.,   John Glowik, Jr.,   Framingham
Releaf Collective Inc.,   Barry J. Andreason,   Lowell
The Greeneway Wellness Foundation Inc.,   John Patrick Greene,   Cambridge

For official information on medical pot in Massachusetts, visit the state's website on the subject.


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