One Chelmsford Election Down, One More to Go

Chelmsford voters went to the polls on Tuesday, and they'll return later this month. Today we want your take.


The 2012 Chelmsford town election is over.... but Chelmsford voters are not done yet.

On April 30, Chelmsford voters will join other voters across the Commonwealth to choose candidates for each major party in a General Special Election to replace John Kerry's vacated seat in the U.S. Senate on June 25.

Voters have until next Wednesday to declare their party affiliations if they haven't already and want to vote in the primary, with an absentee ballot deadline coincinciding with the first day of Town Meeting: April 29.

Today, we want your take on a variety of issues with the special election. Just a few things we're curious about....

  • Will this Democratic Special Election Primary see more Chelmsford voters than the ones Congress in 2007 (3,393) and U.S. Senate (4,300)?
  • What about the Republican Special Election Primaries for Congress in 2007 (1,141) and U.S. Senate in 2010 (1,774)?
  • For that matter, how will this special election compare to the feeling of the Recall Special Election in 2011?
  • Will any of the candidates from either party step foot inside of Chelmsford for a campaign event? If so, where and when? If not, do they consider Chelmsford significant to their electoral strategy?
  • Will Town Meeting overshadow the Primary, what about the opposite? Or are they two separate worlds?
  • Have you decided who you will vote for yet?
  • How will this Election compare to Tuesday's?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments. We'll have more coverage on the Senate race as it approaches.

There will be an information session at the Town Clerk's office next Wednesday and you can contact the Town Clerk for more information at 978.250.5205 or at omaloney@townofchelmsford.us.


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