LIVEBLOG: Annual Town Election Results

We'll be giving you the latest numbers as we receive them tonight.

Thanks for tuning in to our election live blog! Check here for the latest results, in chart below, and tidbits from what's going on at town hall.


Candidate 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 TOTAL Selectman, 2 seats for 3 yrs

George Dixon 372 270 400 258 341 404 471 397 338 3251 Pat Wojtas 379 199 336 241 359 385 450 368 368 3085 Roland Van Liew 288 140 259 181 226 320 364 281 317 2376 Jim Murray 220 100 155 125 152 208 233 167 254 1614 School Committee, 1 seat for 3 yrs Nicholas DeSilvio 370 213 345 210 352 378 421 342 368 2999 Write-ins* 187 96 166 155 174 226 245 207 198 1654 Planning Board, 3 seats for 3 yrs Robert Joyce 390 200 322 275 303 391 417 374 368 3040 George Zaharoolis 342 234 392 207 313 375 414 352 329 2958 Colleen Stansfield 376 217 369 234 354 435 439 364 349 3137 Mark Dolat 309 141 249 180 269 292 423 270 317 2450 Fire station question Yes 324 174 218 185 286 291 377 263 350 2468 No 302 135 226 145 233 258 337 238 288 2171

*This number only reflects the number of write-in votes and does not reflect votes for a particular write-in candidate. All write-in votes are hand counted.

Phil stanway April 05, 2012 at 02:15 PM
I think people did see it and vote. If you look at the same type of question (2 choices and a blank with a single vote) and one of the most contested races School Committee you add up the votes and you get 4653 total. I assume everyone looked at this one. Then you add up the fire station vote you get 4639. That is a total difference of 14 votes. If it was even 300 or more I would say they missed. I think this make sense or is my logic or math off?
Tyler Jozefowicz April 10, 2012 at 06:14 PM
Andrew:Teachers' unions, teachers, whether they are from this town or not , have the right to campaign and support whatever candidate they choose. Something undemocratic about " outsiders" supporting their candidate? People have to prove they are from Chelmsford to be there? If a teacher teaches in Chelmsford but resides elsewhere does not ban them from democratic participation. You check their IDs to see their residences? Every candidate had their poll workers outside, everyone. Literature is handed out in all elections, all over the State. I was at Precincts 9/1 &7/8 parts of the day- no one was forcing themselves on anyone. " Malicious intent of the teachers to get cards into the voting booths"is psycho talk. "Education is not about unions"? Unions ARE teachers. Who do you think teaches the kids? Unpaid robots? " Don't become a teacher to become rich"- more psycho talk. Teaching is a paid profession conducted by college graduates with proven classroom records for achievement,no one takes issue with. If the " we don't need to pay the teachers" mentality continues to be a trend, the good teachers will eventually leave for other districts and we will get the bottom of the barrell. Fortunately the majority of the SC, Town Mgr, and Finance Committee all recommended a 2% raise. At least you don't hide your anti-union bias. One thing I learned in the private sector- pay the help, white boards and 'technology" don't teach.
John May 12, 2012 at 03:59 PM
Why is it that we keep spending more and more. In this tough economy, we did not need to spend more building a new fire station. I live in a 3 bedroom house and I am paying over $9000 dollars in taxes. I am sorry but enough is enough.!! Wake up everyone. My house is only 2200 square feet. Not a mansion by any means. WHY??? FOr those who keep voting on spending for all these unecessary projects, feel free to pay the taxes for us also. I work for in small government and there is so much waste... please wake up people and lets cut spending.
Jeff Apostolakes May 12, 2012 at 05:44 PM
John and can I ask you for your solution to the serious issues with the current firestation would have been? Do you know how the new station is being funded? did you attend all or some of the meetings ( public input session or Town meeting where you could have spoke up and presented your solution) Where and why did you not speak up in public at any of these sessions. After the fact is too late. Why do you feel there is no need to build or even rehab the old station. Did you take a tour of the current station and see the condition of the load bearing walls that have major structural defects, some defects so large you can see right throut the wall to the outside?
Julie Hickey May 12, 2012 at 08:17 PM
John, Are you suggesting you pay $9,000 in annual real estate taxes for a 3 bedroom home that is 2,200 square feet? If that is the case I suggest you file for a rebate because the typical similar home in Chelmsford pays approximately $5,500 to $6,000.


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