Kerry, Kennedy Back Markey for Senate

The incumbent senator and widow of the late Sen. Kennedy both spoke positively about Markey's candidacy on Friday.

A day after announcing his intention to run for U.S. Senate, Congressman Ed Markey received the backing of some big names in the Democratic party, including the incumbent senator, on Friday.

Senator John Kerry, Vicki Kennedy, widow of the late Sen. Edward Kennedy, and the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee all lined up behind Markey, reported the Washington Post.

”Ed’s one of the most experienced and capable legislators in the entire Congress and it would be an almost unprecedented occasion for such an accomplished legislator to join the Senate able to hit the ground running on every issue of importance to Massachusetts,” said Kerry in a statement.

Kennedy also spoke positively about Markey.

“I believe that Congressman Ed Markey is the best person to continue in the tradition of John Kerry,” she said. “He will be a superb senator for Massachusetts.” 

No other Democrats have officially announced a run for the Senate. Congressmen Stephen Lynch and Michael Capuano have both been listed as possible candidates. 


Iron Mike December 31, 2012 at 12:38 PM
Lurch, Miss Vicki, and Mister Ed - the Ghosts of Christmas Past.
Tyler Jozefowicz December 31, 2012 at 03:20 PM
There will be a unified front against Brownie. Rep. Ed Markey (D) is probably the most seasoned, informed , intelligent candidate that could run in any senatorial contest , not just Massachusetts. Most importantly his positions are in line with the majority of MA voters- immigration , gun control, debt talks, tax reform, withdrawal from Iraq and Afghanistan, women's rights, social security and medicare, to name a few. Markey makes decisions , the republican guy, waiting till the dust clears , has everything explained to him so he thinks he understands. No, it's Markey. Markey Makes Sense". Ed Markey will bring needed research money to MA; the other guy will not. Notice I refrained from the ignorant insults which is the way discussions should take place, at least intelligent ones. The Republican guy will lose again because he has no issues popular here, and will back the negative stuff against Markey's family rather than talk issues. Yes, " Markey Makes Sense."


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