How Much Has Chelmsford Spent So Far This Winter on Snow Removal?

The town's about 40 percent through its expected budget for the winter.

This winter has seen some fair sized storms, but there is still money left for snow removal in the town budget.

According to Town Manager Paul Cohen, so far Chelmsford has spent approximately $400,000 of its appropriated $1,143,500. 

During the 2012 Fiscal Year, Chelmsford spent $780,197. 

Recently in  Fiscal Year 2011, 2009 and 2008, Chelmsford went over $1 million in terms of the actual expenditures on its snow removal budget. 

Under Massachusetts state law, this is the only area where municipalities can deficit spend if they obtain approval from a Finance Committee and a town manager, and as long as the Board of Assessors includes the expenditures into calculations for the tax rate. 


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