Election Mood is Gloomy, "Mean-Spirited"

A look at why more people aren't running for office or voting in these municipal elections.

Gloomy, mean-spirited, negativity, fear - these aren't words typically associated with a municipal election, but for this past election season in Chelmsford, they're very real.

Check out what some candidates had to say about what the mood has been like this election season and yesterday on election day.

Eileen Cushing-Craig April 06, 2011 at 12:32 PM
I would agree that the spirit of negativity surrounding the town's political landscape has turned a lot of potential voters and probably candidates off. (Myself included.) Every issue is fraught with anger and bitterness. People with opposing viewpoints can't seem to disagree without taking to the media, slinging mud and engaging in character assassination on their opponents. I have lived in Chelmsford for almost 17 years, and, while I have seen some spirited political debate (town bikepath, library reconstruction), I have never seen the negative tone that permeates the atmosphere here now. The issues facing the town are serious but I can't see why people can't just be civil to one another when expressing their opinions. I think a lot of good people, who might consider running for town offices shy away because of the potential to be personally attacked by a few vocal people who have personal axes to grind. It's not a proud moment in Chelmsford politics.


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