Dec. 2 Selectmen Meeting Part Two

The following is Part Two of a transcript of the Dec. 2, 2013 Board of Selectmen meeting (approximately video times in parentheses)

A grinder pump outside a Selectmen's meeting earlier this year.
A grinder pump outside a Selectmen's meeting earlier this year.

The following is Part Two of a transcript of the Dec. 2, 2013 Board of Selectmen meeting (approximately video times in parentheses). For the main meeting story, see this link.

7:35 to 7:47 p.m. (35:00 to 47:00)

Minutes from previous meetings were approved, and then the board went to approval of members for the Grinder Pump Committee, with Hanson and Wotjas recusing themselves for conflict of interest reasons.

Selectman Janet Askenburg then took over the hearing and discussed the makeup of the proposed committee and its task at hand.

Steve Janhle from the Department of Public Works and Tom Gilroy from the Finance Committee will be put onto the board.

Selectman Jim Lane recommended Edward Safran for the Sewer Fairness Alliance (SFA) slot and then Curtis Barton, Daniel Burke, Robert Chevalier, Glenn Kohl and Russell Linstad for at-large slots.

Lane also asked that all meetings be televised due to the importance of the subject.

Selectman George Dixon recommended Safran, David Foley and Chevalier, all members of the SFA as well as Burke, Barton, Dunn and Kohl.

Askenburg said there was a fantastic group to choose from and recommended Barton, Burke, Chevalier, Dunn, Foley, Kohl and Safran.

It was noted that Chevalier had experience with two types of pumps.

Dixon said the group would meet with Cohen after their initial orientation to decide who should testify to the board to get every aspect of the issue covered.

Lane asked Dixon to get the meetings kicked off as soon as possible.

Barton, Burke, Chevalier, Dunn, Foley, Kohl, Safran, Janhle and Gilroy were confirmed, with Dixon as a Selectman liaison.

7:47 to 7:59 p.m. (47:00 to 59:00)

Lane began his liaison report relating to drafts relating to the Center Village draft master plan.

Askenburg thanked the Holiday Decorating Committee, provided an update from the schools on a recent grant.

Dixon discussed the football game on Thanksgiving, Wotjas advertised an upcoming library dropoff coming up this Saturday at the Dutton House.

Hanson thanked COSS for the Day Before Thanksgiving Walk as well as area Boy Scouts for their work. He also thanked volunteers for the holiday prelude.

He also mentioned a survey coming soon from Chelmsford Telemedia to 6,000 families asking about their shows and how to improve their service.

Askenburg asked what would be done with tapes from the old meetings, with Cohen saying there was now space at Town Hall.

7:59 p.m. to 8:07 p.m. (59:00 to 67:00)

The board began a public hearing on moving a telephone pole on Tyngsboro Road from between 31 Dunstable Rd. and Tyngsboro Road across the street to go in front of 15 Tyngsboro Rd.

Jean Whiting from Precinct 2 asked a question regarding the footprints of the properties near the pole and asked questions relating to the feasibility of a building on the property and asked if the town, specifically the zoning board, could do anything to preserve the building.

Lane talked about an ongoing Master Plan in North Chelmsford comparable to the town center. Whiting wondered if it had more to do with the zoning board, but Lane said it all began the Master Plan.

The board unanimously approved the pole.

After that the meeting was adjourned. 

Sean ODonnell December 03, 2013 at 10:18 AM
I was very surprised that I was not picked for the grinder pump committee. Not only do I own a grinder pump but I also own a company repairing and replacing grinder pumps. I am a licensed plumber and have been in the industry for 10+ years. I am able to suggest solutions to many problems grinder pump owners have along with true cost of grinder pump repair and replacement work. I am also an authorized representative to a major manufacturer of grinder pumps, and have access to engineers. I have to ask did the board of selectman make the right call for Chelmsford?
Vivian Merrill December 03, 2013 at 10:30 AM
Sean-they may be keeping you in mind as a subject matter expert to be an invited speaker. You would still bring a lot to the table. All the meetings will be open to everyone, so you could still be an active participant.
Sean ODonnell December 03, 2013 at 11:28 AM
I respect and thank you for your response. I still question if this was the right decision for the town? I find it hard to believe I was not one of the more qualified applicants on this matter. I feel it would benefit the town having a qualified person on the committee and not in the audience.


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