Arciero Says State Budget Is Still A Long Process

State Representative James Arciero says that Governor Deval Patrick's proposed budget released last week is only the first step in a long process, and that the numbers should be taken with a grain of salt.


Last week, Governor Patrick released a $34.8 billion proposal for the state budget, But one of Chelmsford's representatives in Boston is saying that number might change before all is said and done.

Calling it "the first quarter of a four quarter game," State Representative James Arciero is urging community leaders and his constituents in Littleton, Westford and Precincts 5,7 and 8 in Chelmsford to note that total amount may change during the legislative process that will result in a final budget, a sentiment echoed by his one of his colleagues in the Chelmsford delegation, State Representative Tom Golden.

Patrick's proposal, also known as House Bill 1, proposes revenue shifts to add $553 in new K-12 education funding, $269 million for transportation needs, $152 million for college affordability and $226 more for Chapter 70 local aid funding.

"I'm not convinced that such increases will survive the process, as they are predicated on tax increases that may not come to pass, as several have been rejected in the past," said Arciero.

Arciero also noted that if passed, the proposal would be the largest tax increase in the history of the Commonwealth.

"This will certainly be a hard pill to swallow for many Massachusetts citizens who are still trying to recover as the state slowly comes out of a five year recession," he said.

The Governor's proposed budget now heads to the House Ways and Means Committee, who will examine the budget before moving a recommendation to the full house, likely sometime in the spring.


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