Drug Overdose Reported at Popeye's, Young Child Suffers Seizure

Information provided by the Chelmsford Fire Department.

Patch File Photo
Patch File Photo
The following incidents were provided by the Chelmsford Fire Department, taking place between May 25 and May 31.

Sunday, May 25
  • An elderly woman was found unresponsive on Technology Drive, and an ambulance responded to the scene.
  • Dispatch received a 911 call for emergency medical aid on Acton Road, where a man suffered a seizure.
Monday, May 26
  • Firefighters were called to North Road for a fire alarm sounding and reports of smoke in the area.
  • A possible gas leak was reported on Tyngsboro Road, coming from a stove.
  • An ambulance was requested for a 2 1/2-year-old child having a seizure on Lovett Lane.
Tuesday, May 27
  • An ambulance was requested for a 60-year-old man in detox who wanted to be transported.
  • Firefighters were requested to Quigley Ave. for a washing machine fire.
  • An elderly woman fell outside of her Edgelawn Ave. home, requiring medical attention.
  • At 8:43 p.m. a crash was reported on Billerica Road at the Route 3 overpass with a vehicle on its side involving two Lowell residents.
Wednesday, May 28
  • Inside the Harrington School on Richardson Road, an eight-year-old student suffered an asthma attack.
  • A vehicle accident with injuries was reported in Central Square.
Thursday, May 29
  • An ambulance was called to Exit 32 on Route 3 for a possible medical emergency.
  • At Popeye's on Parkhurst Road, an ambulance was required for a potential drug overdose.
  • A possible drug overdose was also reported on Worthen Street at 11:34 p.m.
  • Crews were called to Jessie Road at 11:39 p.m. for a man who was unresponsive but breathing.
Friday, May 30
  • On North Road, a motor vehicle crash with injury occurred at 2:21 p.m. involving a Chelmsford driver and an Amherst, N.H., driver.
  • Inside a Vinal Square restaurant, a customer suffered an asthma attack.
  • A Tewksbury man fell and hit his head on the Chelmsford Little League bleachers.
Saturday, May 31
  • On Meadowbrook Road, a motor vehicle struck a motorcycle, requiring an ambulance to the scene.


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