Men Charged With 2010 Murder of Chelmsford Woman

WCVB reported that three Vermont men are believed to be involved in killing the woman while on drugs and looking for more.

Three men were arrested for the murder of a local woman.
Three men were arrested for the murder of a local woman.
Vermont State Police have charged two men and issued a warrant for a third related to the 2010 murder of a 78-year-old Chelmsford woman.

Boston television station WCVB reported that a Vermont judge found probable cause on Friday to cite Richard Fletcher and his half brother Keith Bard. In addition, an arrest warrant was issued for Michael Norrie.

The three men are expected to face charges for their roles in breaking into the home of Chelmsford resident Mary Pat O'Hagan. The suspects were allegedly on drugs and looking for more when they broke into the home, shot, and killed O'Hagan, WCVB reported.

The arrest warrant for Norrie is the first step in the extradition process as he is currently serving jail time in Pennsylvania. Fletcher and Baird will next appear in court on Monday, according to the news station.
Iron Mike March 09, 2014 at 07:33 AM
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