Man Hospitalized After Being Struck By SUV on Boston Road

According to the Lowell Sun, the driver involved in the incident said he did not see the man crossing the street.

A man was struck by a vehicle on Boston Road. (File Photo)
A man was struck by a vehicle on Boston Road. (File Photo)
A Chelmsford driver told the Lowell Sun that he did not see a man crossing the road when he struck the pedestrian, sending the him to a nearby hospital.

Just before 6 p.m. on Tuesday, Scan New England reported that a pedestrian was struck by a vehicle in front of CVS.

According to Scan New England, Chelmsford Fire Department was called to the scene and reported serious injuries. The Chelmsford Police Department blocked off the road and investigated the incident.

Chelmsford resident Tu Nguyen told the Lowell Sun that the unidentified man crossing was the street outside of the crosswalk, and Nguyen struck him when he did not see the man.

The Sun reported that the pedestrian was transported to Lowell General Hospital with a serious injuries that did not appear to be life threatening.
Linda March 13, 2014 at 01:03 PM
The speed of the traffic going down that road and threw the Center of town needs to be addressed. I have seen so many people have close calls of being hit. And it is cars speeding. Speed limit should be enforced, no matter the cost, we need to post traffic police units at these areas. Its consistency of enforcement that will keep speed to a safe pace. Take a look at Dunstable and Ashby, speed threw there center of town is strictly enforced, and they are small towns, and have half the traffic flow we have endured, especially when an accident diverts traffic off highways and on to the town streets. It is a big problem and we need solutions. If our police cruisers are equipped with the new scanners for license plates, witch I find was a good idea, than we should also have traffic cameras to capture traffic violations. This would over time pay for it self, and the officers needed for this process. I seen a woman trying to cross on the cross walk with a child and baby in a carriage almost get hit, the car on other side stopped, I stopped, but the car behind me gave me the horn, shouting with the finger for stopping, as he was going around me and just missed that poor woman and her children, he never applied the brakes or slowed down. She just pulled her self and kids back in front of my car in time. That is something that should not be happening in our town. People should be able to enjoy there Center of Town without fear of being run down by a speeding car.
Rob C March 13, 2014 at 05:25 PM
While I agree with most of what you said Linda, people also need to cross the road at crosswalks and not wherever they feel like it. I drove by shortly after this happened and the car involved was stopped well before the crosswalk in front of Friendly's, so the person hit was not obeying the law himself. It was also dark out at the time, was the person hit wearing all black? There aren't any decent street lights down there, maybe we will get better ones after the construction is done. Traffic cameras are illegal in MA so that option is not available for us. When it comes to traffic in the center we need people to actually obey the laws of the road. Those coming north to the center need to not cross over to the left lane until AFTER the crosswalk speed bump thing as the lines on the road indicate. Those coming up 27 from Acton need to stop getting in the left lane for 20 ft to get into the gas station, don't know how many times I have almost hit somebody driving on the wrong side of the road trying to get into the gas station after I have turned onto 27. The police have been parking in the center near the main crosswalk and have been pulling people over that don't stop for people in the crosswalk. Easy thing to do would be to modify the crosswalk speed bumps to have a steeper ramp that will force people to slow down instead of the ones we have now that you can fly over at a decent speed.
Anna Bucciarelli March 14, 2014 at 07:48 AM
Good idea re: speed bumps. I also think 25 mph in the middle of town may be to high ... perhaps 15?


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