After Being Arrested in Chelmsford, MBTA Detective Makes Suicidal Comments in Nashua

Gary McKeon was suspended from his MBTA job in December following an incident in Chelmsford.

A suicidal man who was arrested Feb. 14 after firing a gun in Nashua was suspended in December from his job as an MBTA Transit Police detective following a December arrest here in Chelmsford, boston.com reports.

Gary McKeon, 47, of 23 Kenmar Drive, Billerica, Mass., in Nashua, charged with for four counts of reckless conduct, a class B felony; and one count of criminal threatening, a class B felony, after firing four shots inside his hotel room and pointing a gun at a police officer.

According to a Chelmsford Police log report from Sunday, Dec. 16, McKeon, whose address at the time was listed at 4 Trot Road in Littleton, Mass., was arrested on charges of alleged assault and battery of a Billerica resident, intimidation of a witness, malicious destruction of property worth under $250, and threatening to commit a crime.

In an email from MBTA spokesman Joseph Pesaturo, McKeon was placed on administrative leave the next day, on Dec. 17. At that time, McKeon’s service weapon was seized by his superiors, Pesaturo told boston.com.

McKeon remains on administrative leave pending the resolution of the criminal charges against a Billerica resident.

On Feb. 14 Nashua Police  were called to the Radisson for a "check well being" call. According to McKeon’s family and friends, Gary McKeon had been making threatening and suicidal comments. McKeon was also reported to be intoxicated and armed with a firearm.

Nashua Police patrol officers and Nashua Police Special Reaction Team members arrived and were able to take McKeon into custody. No one sustained any injury during the incident, police said. But it is alleged McKeon discharged four rounds while in the hotel, and that he also pointed a gun toward a members of the Nashua Police Departments Special Reaction Team.

McKeon pleaded not guilty in Nashua District Court on Feb. 15 to four counts of reckless conduct and one count of criminal threatening. Bail was set at $250,000 cash, boston.com reported.

Iron Mike February 17, 2013 at 02:42 PM
Not a pretty picture, - but the initials MBTA tell a lot of the story. And Folks, - Deval wants another $1 BILLION for yet another rail line – from Boston to Hyannis Port. That means more troubled union employees – texting on the job, coming to work drunk, faking repairs, falsifying maintenance records, - all while qualifying for inflated pensions – which all become tax-free when they apply for 'disability'. If the MBTA was a worth-while enterprise – wouldn't it be civilian-owned and civilian-run? Why are we TAXPAYERS paying through the nose for scandal-after-scandal, tragedy-after-tragedy?
Fred Oleary February 19, 2013 at 09:42 PM
Iron "Insert throw away line then pivot to your talking points" Mike, there were over 1000 military suicides (or attempts) in 2011 so does that mean we are wasting our money on defense because some people who work in the military are mentally ill and/or suicidal? Just trying to be clear on your position next time the US budget and future debt burdens of our grandchildren are discussed here.


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