TELL US: What Are Your Thoughts On These Four Citizens' Petitions?

Spring Town Meeting is quickly approaching and four citizens' petitions were delivered to Town Hall yesterday.


Yesterday was the deadline for petitioned warrant articles from residents' for this Spring's Town Meeting, and four submissions were released.

  • Rezoning portions of Sheila Avenue between Groton and Dunstable Roads from RB (lower density residential) to RC (medium density residential).
  • Requesting the Board of Selectmen to pursue enforcement of preservation restrictions on 9 North Road
  • Requiring written agreements signed by the Town Manager or department heads for any work, labor, construction or services over $2,000 and requiring public records of/changes to no-bid contracts to be released within five days.
  • Electing the Zoning Board of Appeals.

There is still plenty of time until Spring Town Meeting, so not all of these petitions may be on the ballot, but today we want to ask you: what are your thoughts on these four petitions?

We've attached the wording of the petitions along with their signatories here. Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

Marc Morency January 08, 2013 at 04:00 PM
http://www.k-plaw.com/pdf/Uniform-Procurement-Act.pdf See handy table on page 2 of link above. http://www.mass.gov/anf/docs/osd/pic/except.doc What Roland seems to asking for regarding no-bid contracts is simply more organization. This opens up a discussion on internal controls and how thorough we as a town want them to be. "Local rules may dictate more rigorous procedures for smaller purchases or for exempt contracts. For example, a local government may have a bylaw or ordinance requiring formal advertised competition on contracts for more than $10,000." Currently, it seems we follow 30B and don’t have any additional guidelines. A great topic for discussion in my opinion! ZBA members are appointed unless a local charter reads otherwise. This is also a valid item up for discussion. Thank you Roland and others for bringing these petitions forward.


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