My Endorsement of Joe Ready for Selectman

Dear Editor:

I am writing to encourage all the voters of Chelmsford to vote with me for a person of Integrity and leadership and dedication. He will bring fresh energy and his knowledge of business and his passion for volunteering. I encourage the voters to vote for Joe Ready for Board of Selectman. Being a fairly newcomer to Chelmsford Joe has been warm and welcoming when I first meet him at Town Meeting he cares deeply for this town. He wants to help lower the taxes by not spending us into debt. He wants to reuse properties that most think were Dead Properties to encourage business to relocate to Chelmsford. Now let me take a moment to tell you about joe the person.

Joe will work tirelessly to keep us on the top places to live in also will help to improve our school system for your children and mine and keep us from strapping them with debt and encourage them to volunteer and bring new ideas to the town. He will fight for more Funding for what the town needs.

He’s a Family man a business owner he may not have the 20 plus years of experience his opponent has. He knows what it takes to attract business to town he brings a youthful energy and he has lived in town all his life where he has built values for family and community he will serve with an open mind and what will be best for the community he represent the people in town whether it be in Boston fighting or funding or whether it be to keep taxes low. He will fight to keep government transparent and truly represent the people of Chelmsford. As a Voter here in Chelmsford I think its necessary or the people to have a choice when they vote and to me Joe is the best choice to serve on the board of selectman as for his business ability he owns a successful real estate business so he knows what it takes to plan and place proper business to attract them to our town which will attract families and with support our turf fields to attract fans and events to our town it not only makes our town better but brings in revenue. Joe will make a great selectman as it is in his blood he’s been volunteering since he was a kid. He will support our education system as we both have children in the Chelmsford schools. His decisions will be based on what is best for the town and based on his values which will serve the town well and or years to come I see how much passion and energy Joe brings to serving his precinct at town meeting and serves as a member of Chelmsford rotary and the economic development Committee and it is this deacation to his community that will make Joe a great selectman. He is going to bring his passion for service and  his dedication to the board of selectman it is with this letter I officially endorse Joe ready for selectman. I would encourage the voters to vote For Joe ready on Tuesday April 1st.


Yours Truly

Louis G Marino

Precinct 5 Town Meeting rep

270 Littleton Road



Jeff Morales March 23, 2014 at 09:25 PM
Got my vote
Jean-Luc Picard March 24, 2014 at 01:32 PM
Agree. Vote for Joe.
Townie March 29, 2014 at 12:09 PM
Bob Joyce is more experienced and will not be a rubber stamp for Paul Cohen and the little insider club. I'm voting for Bob Joyce.


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