A letter from Andrea Morgan.

Dear Town Meeting Representative,

I am asking you to carefully consider protecting and preserving the little open space we have left in town.  The parcel of land at Oak Hill is a wonderful piece of woodlands that my husband and I have gone to often, in all seasons.  Whether we strap on snowshoes or simply meander around, the area is a serene place to go within our town that affords us the "feel of living in the country".  There is so little left of the woods that I was fortunate to grow up in within the town limits now. 

We do not have children, so our reason for staying in this town is not the benefit of the great school system.  It is because of the lifestyle we are able to have in this community which encompasses the best of suburban living, proximity to both conveniences and nature.  Will you please do your part to assure that our future generations are given that same opportunity.  It would be a shame if we had to go out of town or out of state to experience that which we currently have within our town.  To that end , I respectfully request that you transfer control of that parcel to OUR Conservation Commission at the upcoming Town Meeting.

I am also urging all citizens of town to contact your own precinct reps to let them know how you feel.

Thank you,
Andrea Morgan
5 Ideal Ave.


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