LETTER: "Barrett Will Make My Nickels Scream"

The following is a letter to the editor.


Dear Editor,

Sshhh! I have a dirty little secret. Here it is.

I expect that I will be taxed on the money I earn. I believe in strong education and investment in infrastructure. When my taxes are used appropriately to fund things like that, things that will make my community thrive, then I am satisfied.

So when voting in elections I look at each of the candidates to see who would be the best steward of my tax money.The person who will best make my nickels scream. The person who will make sure the projects that will help me, my family, and my community prosper are created and properly funded. A person not swayed by special interests or so married to an agenda that he or she cannot be realistic about the true needs in the community that he or she is representing.

I believe strongly that Mike Barrett is that person for the 3rd District. He is my choice for the good steward.


Elaine MacDonald

15 Reid Road

Chelmsford, MA


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