The Chelmsford Farmers Market won 1st place for the floats, Now tell me that wasn't fixed!
Paul July 05, 2013 at 04:34 PM
Probably. A lot of things are fixed in Chelmsford. Can't change the tide unless more people get out and vote.
Fran McDougall July 05, 2013 at 10:43 PM
The Farmers Market was asked to participate in the parade we were glad to do so. We know nothing about building or arranging to build a float so as we at first hesitated we were assured a flatbed would be provided. We came up with the concept of reflecting what takes place on the common on every Thursday. We ordered all the materials we thought we would need but the difficult part was waiting until the last minute to build the float in my yard. The 38' float arrived in my yard on Tuesday night. My sons Paul McDougal, Robert McDougall, with the help of Phil Stanway and Paul McDougall Sr. began working very hard to put together our float. My daughter, daughter-in-law, next door neighbor and all the kids took on the task of inflating the forty-five balloons. We did not do all that work with any thought of winning a prize. We participated as part of the community. On behalf of my family and friends along with Kathy O'Brien resent the insinuation that we did anything that wqould bring shame to the market or to my family or friends. We did not know any of the judges except for Susan Gates. Also for the town my son Robert created 2 plaques from the beech tree and we donated them to the Civic Committee as a fund raiser. Personally I feel as if I have let my family down because they are being smeared by these juvenile accusations. Sad. Very, very sad.
Fran McDougall July 06, 2013 at 07:51 AM
To continue with the genesis of out entry in the parade, Market Manager Kathy O'Brien, and Donna Berger from the Art Society sat together to mix in the Society's participation as part of the Farmers Market story. Tom Christiano gave us permission to use one of his Market photos. We enlarged it to 6x6 o canvas and my sons built a frame and mounted it on the float. Donna Berger sat in front of it with her easel and a piece she is doing of one of the artists. The logistics of providing water, shirts, hats, and scarves was handled by Kathy O'Brien and her husband Ed, Susan Graves and Betty Twombly met us at McCarthy to attach the balloons. No vendors took part in this family activity. Paul McDougall and Phil Stanway took charge of the music. My grandchildren had water and paint brushes to simulate Tom Sawyer's attempts at painting the fence. We had a wonderful float and a fabulous day. I would invite you all to join us this Thursaday on the Common from 2-6:30 to partake in the experience of Chelmsford Farmers Market. In the future I would hope thst the critics remarks based in NO TRUTH come and discuss it with us. PEACE.


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