Town Looks to Step Up Security at Varney Park

The town has assigned a police officer to the area every day.

In light of an, the town is looking to make the area more secure.

Town Manager Paul Cohen told selectmen last night a police officer has been assigned to the area during the day and will remain there until Labor Day. Currently the beach is

Cohen said the officer lately has been there informing people that the beach is closed, while the lifeguards have all be re-assigned to Heart Pond.

"The beach may not be re-opened for another few days, because of the recent rain the Board of Health wanted to let it settle for a little bit before testing it again," said Cohen.

Cohen said there have been no incidents at the area since that altercation two weeks ago.

"Also we're looking at what it would cost to install security cameras, that might be an effective solution as well," he said. 

The deed for the land, which can be viewed as a PDF to the right, requires the land be left open to the public and therefore it cannot be residents only. The deed reads: "The land described in this deed is presented by me to the Town of Chelmsford with the express reservation and condition that it be forever kept open as and for a public playground or recreation center."

Donna Reed August 09, 2012 at 08:52 PM
If that's the case Bryan...charging admission won't help..(other than the financial benefits, ie: paying for lifeguards, etc.) nor will it fix things. If the problems arise after 6 PM, it is also highly unlikely that the police presence will be constant...as this would be rather cost-prohibitive. Unless they are going to patrol that area every half hour, which is also unlikely, MAYBE it would be possible to have some kind of specially made gate built to cordon the area off? Not sure THAT would be feasible either.....just trying to come up with some solutions to keep people in that area safe, AND to help alleviate any "intrusions" this activity must cause the residents who live in the immediate area surrounding the park.......
Jeff Apostolakes August 09, 2012 at 09:34 PM
Can someone define rif - raf and how will charging a fee reduce the " rif-raf" . If not a bat then a fist or a boot of which fees will not eliminate Presence of an officer , lighting, security measures , community patrolling calling CPD work best.
Donna Reed August 09, 2012 at 09:48 PM
I would define rif-raf ( in this case at least) as anybody carrying weapns, or items that might be defined as weapons. As I THOUGHT these were the type of people that started the whole subject matter in the first place..............I guess I could have used the word "hoodlums"........
Donna Reed August 09, 2012 at 09:52 PM
And let us not forget Jeff...we live in a town where people CONTINUOUSLY vote down Libraries, new schools, new police and fire stations and other vital elements and amenities for comfortable living, because they don't want to see their taxes increase.... And yes, maybe Police presence WOULD be the answer..just not sure the majority of taxpayers would want to see their tax dollars spent that way.....
Jeff Apostolakes August 10, 2012 at 02:15 AM
never compromise safety. My point is that fees / stickers will not have an effect on the behavior of people regarding altercations....Only a visible presence or security of some type will. On the other hand fees/ stickers may reduce the volume because some may not be able to afford it.....As the Steward at Heart Pond and one who visited when fees were in place I have first hand experienced all of what we are talking about which begs the question..... If you do it at one town beach do you do it at both.....I don't want to see a "share Shift of burden" from one beach to another to get around the payment of a fee at one beach .


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