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Who Has Your Vote on Election Day in Chelmsford?

We want you to weigh in before Election Day in town, which takes place on Tuesday.

Residents will head to the ballot box on Tuesday to decide who the next Chelmsford town officials will be. But before you weigh in on Election Day, we want you to weigh in on Patch.

Election Day is scheduled for Tuesday in Chelmsford, with two contested races on the ballot.

Joseph D. Ready and Robert P. Joyce are vying for one available spot on the Board of Selectmen. Richard E. Defreitas and Jon H. Kurland, meanwhile, are the two candidates squaring off for Town Moderator.

So we want to know. Who has your vote on Election Day? Which race are you most excited about? Why are you voting for the candidate of your choice? Are you undecided? What might sway your decision by Tuesday? In the uncontested races, who are you most excited to have being voted into office?

Let us know your thoughts on these questions or whatever else is on your mind this election season. But remember that politics bring out passionate conversation, so keep the discussion to the issues.

See you at the polls on Tuesday, Chelmsford!
Rob C March 28, 2014 at 10:31 AM
John Doe, which part of what I said is wrong? Voting for anybody not already in office to try and get some change. Or voting against somebody that is just going to be a puppet for an individual that has cost the town hundreds of thousands of dollars in a recall election and court cases over a building that was built on private land that he does not like.
John Doe March 28, 2014 at 03:24 PM
In this case, the person that is not already in office and the one who is going to be a puppet for someone who has cost the town hundreds of thousands is the SAME PERSON! That person is Joe Ready. If you think Bob Joyce is some kind of Van Liew loving puppet, then you're just insane. Bob Joyce does NOT associate with Van Liew. Voting for Joe Ready is as ridiculous as NOT voting for someone because Van Liew support them. If they support Van Liew, and you don't like that, fine (this is NOT the case with Bob Joyce), but Van Liew opposes anyone who is an insider, so by association, you'll be supporting the same candidates sometimes. Joe Ready is the opposite of what you proclaim to support.
John Doe March 28, 2014 at 03:37 PM
myron, you seem to be pretty blind on this issue. If I (or someone) run for office, call Paul Cohen out on how he's destroyed our town, or call out John Kurland on his ridiculous and ignorant legal opinions, or say Phil E. should be in jail, and then happen to lose, what will happen the next time I need a town permit? What will happen the next time I stand before a board on a local issue? There is fear of retribution if you disagree with these people and the fear is justified. I heard that when Michael Sargent fought against 9 north road, someone set his dumpster on fire. So, many people are, rightfully, scared to run. Why do you think I'm "John Doe" on here? Paul cohen and the selfish people who run this town to help themselves (not all, but many), read these comments. What if I wanted to build an addition on my house tomorrow and they knew who I was? You think I'd get an approval? They are crooks and should all be tossed out. if I could say that without retribution, I'd print it on a stinkin' t-shirt and wear it everyday!
Jim March 28, 2014 at 05:48 PM
To John Doe, it must be exhausting going thru life as such a pessimist and conspiracy theorist. Every small town has its politics I will give you that, but your paranoia takes this to a place that would be comical if not so sad. If you believe Paul Cohen set Dr Sargents dumpster on fire then you need to get a grip and also get out there in the world and actually interact with people in town rather than post from your basement. Chelmsford is no different than any town. Yes we have politics and clics like every town but for the most part these people your fear are working hard to do good for this town. They make mistakes like all of us but that's what makes us human. I am a town meeting rep who disagrees with Paul on a regular basis. I don't belong to any clics. There are many of us. Many. I don't worry that my permits will be held up or my trash will be ignited. Get a grip on reality man.
John Doe March 28, 2014 at 07:31 PM
LOL Jim, I was not insinuating Paul Cohen set his dumpster on fire!! But I do believe someone did in relation to Phil E's office building. If you didn't know, Phils family can travel in some pretty intimidating greek circles. I am really more afraid that I'll never get another town permit again, or my street will be the last to be plowed during a major storm. I'd argue those consequences are fairly guaranteed and happen in many towns all the time. Finally, am I supposed to be ok with corruption in Chelmsford just because it happens all over? Paul Cohen didnt "make a mistake", the BOS didnt "make a mistake", they purposefully and knowingly gave Phil E. special treatment to the detriment of Chelmsford. If you dont believe that then youre the one that needs to find reality!


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