Unofficial Results Announced for Chelmsford Town Election

Results have been announced for contested races for Town Moderator and Board of Selectmen.

Bob Joyce was elected to the Board of Selectmen. (File Photo)
Bob Joyce was elected to the Board of Selectmen. (File Photo)
The results are in from Town Hall on Election Day, and Chelmsford will have some new faces as elected officials.

Jon Kurland cruised past incumbent Richard DeFreitas in the race for Town Moderator, while Bob Joyce will become the newest member of the Board of Selectmen after defeating challenger Joe Ready.

Kurland racked up 2,122 votes to 1,562 for DeFreitas. In his race, Joyce earned 1,997 votes to edge out Ready's total of 1,865 by 132 tallies.

The Board of Selectmen and Town Moderator spots were the only two contested races on the ballot. Below is a full list of the uncontested candidates who earned spots in office:
  • School Committee (Two seats for three years): W. Allen Thomas Jr. (incumbent), Michael L. Rigney (incumbent).
  • Planning Board (Two seats for three years): Nancy K. Araway, Michael N. Raisbeck (incumbent).
  • Board of Health (One seat for three years): Nicholas H. Parlee.
  • Library Trustee (One seat for one year): Andrew V. Silinsh.
  • Library Trustee (Three seats for three years): Margaret E. Marshall (incumbent), Peggy Dunn (incumbent), and Pamela Dawn Davies (incumbent).
  • Cemetery Commission (One seat for three years): Thomas A. St. Germain Sr. (incumbent).
John Tubridy April 06, 2014 at 01:01 PM
Mr. Joe Doe, I do not believe Bob Joyce is your puppet; he has stated in the debates that the Town Manger is doing a descent job. I did not support your candidate, but I believe Bob will try to do right by the town, as Mr. Matt Hanson has done. If not, Bob Joyce could legally be recalled. In the mean time you may want to “BACK OFF”.
John Doe April 07, 2014 at 11:04 AM
"As matt hanson has done" now THATS funny! As is you finding all the articles ive posted under and tryibg to insinuate Im Van lew. Im not. As far as I know, hes never hidden his identity. Im not that brave. I dobt want the permits denied at retribution when I redo my kitchen or something. But yiu enjoy that kool-aid John...yum yum
John Tubridy April 08, 2014 at 11:43 PM
RE: tryibg to insinuate Im Van lew? English please! What are you trying to say? On a separate note, you may want to try to wake up Mr. Peter Bashall, as we have not heard from him in a long time and the readers may be amused by some of his bantering (do you know what time is it in New Zealand now?). In the good news department, you guys may qualify for a discount on professional therapy.
John Doe April 11, 2014 at 09:37 AM
John, did you have a stroke? What in the hell are you talking about???
Anna Bucciarelli April 13, 2014 at 08:13 AM
As a bit of a skeptic I know a few things for sure; nothing is certain, things change and ideals often end being different than when they started. I'm glad that Bob won and I hope for the best.


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