Town To Remove Lines on Robin Hill Road, High Street

Selectmen last night assured residents the lines will be removed.

Selectmen last night assured residents painted on Robin Hill Road and High Street - an error by the Department of Public Works - will be removed.

Selectmen Pat Wojtas and Matt Hanson, the board's Policy Subcommittee, worked on a first draft of the road striping policy and presented it to the board.

After much discussion, the subcommittee will re-draft the policy to specifically exclude town-designated scenic roads from being lined, which includes Robin Hill Road and High Street. Three of those designated scenic roads are currently lined, selectmen said, and according to the policy would require a public hearing on the matter before the town decides whether or not to keep lining them or let the lines fade.

Selectmen will meet again in two weeks to approve the final policy, and in the mean time, Town Manager Paul Cohen is going to work to find contractors to remove the lines.

Cohen said he wasn't sure how immediately the work might start.

Carol Russell of High Street spoked during open session.

"There's not enough room for me to put one foot between the white line and side of the road. It's just a perception, I don’t feel safe anymore," she said. " ...  You’ve made it so I don’t feel comfortable walking on my own street."

Russell said more than 140 residents have signed a petition to get the roads removed.

"There are two people we know of in favor of the lines," she said. " ...  A mistake has been made, we want to see it fixed."

 Resident Mary Currie, also of High Street, said she is too afraid to walk on the street now that it has been lined.

"I started walking in my neighborhood as a way to exercise and stay connected with neighbors and friends," she said. "(Now) cars come too close for me as they try to stay within the yellow lines. I do not walk there anymore. Now, I walk up and down my drive way."


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