Recall Election to be Held August 2

Selectmen OK'd the Aug. 2 recall election.

Selectmen last night OK'd an Aug. 2 for Selectmen Matt Hanson, Jon Kurland, George Dixon and Pat Wojtas in accordance to state law.

The election comes as lead recall petitioner Roland Van Liew has collected enough to force an election for the selectmen. Van Liew asserts the selectmen acted unlawfully and participated in back-room deals regarding an office building at 9 North Road.

Town Clerk Betty Delaney said the summer is always a difficult time to hold an election due to many people taking vacations. Delaney said she unofficially asked the staff and poll workers when the most convenient time would be, and they said Aug. 2 would probably be best.

"We’re talking summer months, and there's no good time this summer to have an election," she said. "(This date) was best for them so that’s where I've come to a conclusion."

All the selectmen up for recall said they do not intent to resign.

The ballot will be four separate questions, asking if each selectman, by name, should be recalled. The order will be Matt Hanson, George Dixon, Pat Wojtas and Jon Kurland.

Eileen Cushing-Craig May 24, 2011 at 12:16 PM
I deeply hope that the voters of this town turn out in force to support our elected officials and put this matter to rest once and for all. There has been enough negative campaigning and character assassination around this issue to last this town a lifetime. I have read all the mailings and the volumes of newspaper articles and I do not see a shred of evidence that these four people engaged in back-room deals or did anything but what they thought best for the town. I don't care what the people behind this recall say, this is not a good thing for Chelmsford. It is an embarrassment.
Muriel McGrann May 24, 2011 at 04:02 PM
I am very conserned that the selectmen are facing a recall vote. My guestion is why would a successful business man spend $90.000 in an attempt to remove 4 selectman from office ? What will be his return on HIS INVESTMENT? What could be consider as a positive financial gain for him? North Road issue?? Or is this issue a " means to an end" for a political take over similar to a coperate take over that is for business and financial increase by "fair and foul "means.Is there any advantage for the people of Chelmsford to support a costly reconsideration of previously elected officials in these stressful financial times for many of us?I am convinced that the 4 Selectmen did nothing wrong. What do you think?????


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