Wingate at Belvidere Receives Coveted Deficiency-Free Distinction

Wingate at Belvidere
Wingate at Belvidere

Wingate Healthcare (www.wingatehealthcare.com), the Northeast’s premiere provider of healthcare and hospitality for seniors, today announced that their Lowell facility, Wingate at Belvidere, has been awarded a

deficiency-free survey from the Massachusetts Department of Public Health.

“This is a difficult distinction to achieve and very few nursing homes it,” said Diane Tessier-Efstathiou, Administrator of Wingate at Belvidere. “For us, the patient always comes first and we are thrilled to see this commitment reflect in our survey.”

The Massachusetts Department of Public Health inspects all nursing facilities annually on an unannounced basis. Over the course of several days, inspectors analyze the resident’s quality of care, quality of life, staffing, cleanliness, safety, food preparation, medication administration and more. Nearly 200 issues are covered, including a detailed review of records and interviews with residents and families.

Wingate at Belvidere offers best-in-class care for Lowell area families in a small town feel setting. Services include a full spectrum of sought-after healthcare services, including post-acute rehabilitation, complex medical care, short-term care and long-term care delivered by a dedicated staff where nearly 40% have been employed by the company for more than 5 years. In addition, the facility is one of the few in the area to offer a state-of-the-art Pulmonary Program for those needing helping recovering from respiratory conditions or with tracheotomy’s.

“Diane and her team are known throughout the community for being the absolute best and we are pleased to see this reflected in the survey,” said Scott Schuster, President & Founder of Wingate Healthcare.


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