When STARFISH and IT Collide

Project STARFISH founder Subhashish Acharya, affectionately known as “Subs,” has a winning team.  Project STARFISH employs only blind workers who would otherwise have difficulty finding careers in their field of expertise.  Everything from sales to accounting and administrative tasks, these employees work remotely to help small business owners grow their business. 


According to their website (http://www.projectstarfishusa.org/) 83% of small business fail every five years due to lack of manpower and 80% of the blind population is unemployed. Project STARFISH creates a scalable, repeatable, and predictable opportunity for them to work together.  Project STARFISH is a socio-economic model that helps the blind learn contemporary skills, which creates a multi-skilled, virtual talent pool. This pool of workers is used as a shared resource, keeping costs low for the start-ups and small businesses while generating revenue for the blind.


Project STARFISH’s many services include everything from sales and marketing research and promotion, to customer service, administrative assistance and management consulting.  They are currently seeking non-profit status and are providing income for 70% of the blind individuals working with them.


When Adam Rowley of All the time IT (http://www.allthetimeit.com/) learned about Project STARFISH, he immediately saw how it could benefit his business and give some formerly marginalized workers a chance for success.  All the time IT uses Project STARFISH for lead generation and appointment setting.  Rowley is quite pleased with their efforts and enjoys that it also gives him a chance to push his internal sales person.  “STARFISH is consistently beating my internal sales person’s numbers,” he says with a broad smile.


All the time IT provides a broad range of IT services to small and medium sized businesses in the Eastern Massachusetts and Southern New Hampshire area. They operate on the principle of honest communication making their collaboration with Project STARFISH a great match.


When STARFISH and IT collide, everyone wins.


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