Pure Barr Exercise Studio Opens in Nearby Westford

Owner Jessica Grasso opens second location in the area.

Pure Barre opens in Westford Tuesday, Sept. 3. Courtesy Photo
Pure Barre opens in Westford Tuesday, Sept. 3. Courtesy Photo
By Michele Taranto

An exciting new exercise technique is spreading in popularity and local residents will now have the opportunity to learn the Pure Barre method right here in Westford.

Pure Barre is a fitness class that uses small, isometric movements, often using a ballet bar for stability, while set to motivating music. Owner Jessica Grasso introduced this exercise form in her Burlington location 10 months ago, and with the encouragement of her clients, decided to establish a second studio right in Westford.

"I had a lot of clients in Burlington who live in the Westford/Chelmsford area," Grasso said. "I thought this would be a really great fit for expansion."

Pure Barre was developed by dancer, choreographer and fitness guru Carrie Rezabek. She opened her first studio in Birmingham, MI in 2001. The classes are based with 55 minutes of targeting specific areas of the body, the arms, buttocks, thighs and abdominals, with small movements while burning fat. The ballet bar is used for stability for some but not the entire class.

Don't have a dancer's background? It's not a requirement to experience the fun and toning results from this routine. Pure Barre can also be enjoyed by all ages and fitness levels. At her Burlington location, Grasso teaches clients from 21 to 73 years old. This form is a useful, viable option for athletes and non-athletes looking to experience effective and personal group training.

"This is much more approachable for people who want to enjoy an updated class," Grasso said. "It's more like group training. There is someone going around from person to person, not just a teacher yelling out things to do."

In addition to her expertise in Pure Barre, Grasso has an extensive background in fitness. She taught Pilates and spinning classes through college and even continued instructing through her career as an attorney for six years. In the end, however, she realized a vocation in physical fitness was the best fit for her.

"I decided fitness was more my style about a year and a half ago," Grasso said.

The Westford Pure Barre Grand Opening is today, September 3, 9 Cornerstone Square in Westford. Grasso says give it a month and see significant body changes. 

For more information on the Pure Barre technique, visit purebarre.com. For questions or to sign up in Westford, call 978-727-8040 or email westford@purebarre.com.


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