New Town Website Aims To Help Spread Information For Local Groups and Businesses

Chelmsford Now! has been online for a few weeks now, and is expecting to ramp up in January.

Following a “soft opening” in recent weeks, Chelmsford town officials expect to begin gearing up in January to spread the word about the latest portion of their award winning website.


Officially a “sister site” of the town’s main website, the new Chelmsford Now! platform hopes to become a supplementary tourism and chamber of commerce planner for local residents and businesses.


Town Manager’s assistant Trish Dzuris says that the idea came along in the hopes of finding a clearing house for information on things coming up in town as well as a place where local organizations and businesses could provide information.


Hopefully, Dzuris expects Chelmsford Now can become a place where businesses and organizations can create quick and simple sites about themselves for potential investors and customers, especially employees of Chelmsford businesses who live outside of town and may not have discovered Chelmsford beyond where they work.


“We tried to model the site after the Visit Massachusetts website,” she said. “We’ve always been looking for that one place in town that has everything going on, but it’s always been a jumble.”


Dzuris says she expects the site, which cost the town $8,000 in total, to become regularly updated with open houses, yard sales and other community events in January, with hopes that volunteers will help in the effort.


“Unlike the main town website, we are hoping this can have a much deeper and more personal feel for residents,” she said. “We hope to keep it fresh, because with a site like this, it has to be.”


The site can be accessed directly at www.chelmsfordnow.com

Sunny December 10, 2013 at 11:37 AM
Would this website cover nonprofit business that services Greater Lowell including Chelmsford such as The YMCA?
Anna Bucciarelli December 13, 2013 at 07:57 AM
Good question Sunny ... I sure hope so. Plan to check it out.


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