Atlantic Monthly Says Chelmsford is "More Creative" Than Average Boston Area Town

In a study done with data from the American Community Survey, the Atlantic Monthly indicates that Chelmsford has more workers in fields requiring higher level skills than the average town near Boston.

Recently the Atlantic Monthly did a piece on what types of jobs people in the Greater Boston area using data from the American Community Survey, and their results for Chelmsford show a slightly more skilled labor class much of Eastern Massachusetts.

In their piece, jobs were separated into the "creative" class (people who work in fields requiring more training such as science, technology, business, management, arts, media/entertainment, law and healthcare), the "service" class (fields requiring less training such as retail, restaurants, administration) and the "working" class.

The average Boston area Census Tract had 41.6 percent of its population employed in the "creative" class, 43.4 percent of its population employed in the "service" class, and 14.9 percent of its population employed in the "working" class, with most tracts having a majority in either "creative" or "service."

Here were the results for Chelmsford.


Approx. Census Tract Area (#) Creative Service Working 110 Corridor South of 495 (3171.01) 59% 32% 9% South Chelmsford (3171.03) 51% 35% 13% Billerica Road/Gorham Street Area (3171.02) 57% 31% 12% School Street/Amble Road Area (3172.01) 59% 37% 4% Locke Road Area (3172.02)
61% 30% 8% Westlands (3172.03) 59% 33% 8% Drum Hill (3173.01) 47% 39% 15% North Chelmsford (3173.02) 51% 35%


More on the study is available on the Atlantic Monthly website.

Rob Carey May 03, 2013 at 02:49 PM
Given the cost of housing in town, it isn’t very surprising that you need to be more intelligent and have a better job to live here. I would think that the same holds true for most towns around here. Seeing that the exact same article is up for Westford kinda proves that. Lowell, Lawrence and Billerica may have more “workers” because living there is cheaper.


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