News Nearby: Tewksbury Fire Engines Taken Off The Road

Tewksbury Board of Selectmen (credit: Chris Gambon)
Tewksbury Board of Selectmen (credit: Chris Gambon)

The Tewksbury Board of Selectmen received an update on two fire engines that were taken off the road after failing to pass inspection. 

Town Manager Richard Montuori said the most cost effective option for replacing the two engines is the purchase of two trucks previously leased by other communities, one a 2008 model and the other a 2009 model, each costing $330,000. 


Wilmington residents were disappointed to find out that only a few months after opening, the Honey Dew Donuts on Main Street has closed, possibly for good. 

Representatives from Honey Dew told Wilmington Patch they hope to reopen a location in Wilmington soon, but that seems to contradict statements made by the former franchisee of the Wilmington Honey Dew location. 


The only place where Westford's town government can engage in deficit spending is their snow and ice removal budget and they've hit that threshold for this winter already. 

Town budget director Dan O'Donnell reports that the town is currently about $20,000 over the initially appropriated budget, and about halfway toward its expected budget.

The process has become tradition in Westford, with the budget going over since at least 2003, using a portion of state law that allows deficit spending on snow removal with Finance Committee and Town Manager approval. 


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