Letter to Editor

Dear Editor,

I am writing in regards to my recent resignation as chairman of Chelmsford's Finance Committee. I have very much enjoyed serving on the Committee, however I have recently been hired as Town Administrator for the town of Shirley.

My resignation should not be viewed as a reflection of my feelings towards the Committee or any members. Quite the contrary; despite the retirement of some long-serving Committee members and some turnover, this is a group that I regret leaving. The Finance Committee quietly and diligently represents the interests of the Chelmsford taxpayers by providing oversight on the town's fiscal matters, and I am extremely pleased with its performance.

I also wish to thank Town Moderator Dick DeFrietas for his confidence in appointing me. Like many other towns, Chelmsford's Finance Committee is appointed by the Moderator in hopes to keep it independent from political influences, real or apparent. As a Chelmsford taxpayer myself, I am especially pleased with Mr. DeFrietas' appointment of Committee members that are diligent and are not afraid to question what they feel is not in the town's best interest.

I hope that circumstances are such that I am able to serve the town again in the future. In the meantime, I wish to thank the town for the opportunity to serve, to thank the individuals that served alongside me on the Committee, and to remind Chelmsford's residents that something as simple as being an informed and active citizen is helping to make Chelmsford a better place.

Patrice Garvin

John Doe October 26, 2013 at 01:49 PM
Lol "served the taxpayers" What dream world are you guys living in? The taxpayer of this town have been getting screwed for over a decade. Quality of Life in Chelmsford goes down every year, as taxes go up. I pay 30-50% more than other towns for our capital projects, and town services continue to decline and get more restrictive. So again I laugh at "representing the interests of the taxpayers"


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