LOST!! Grey cockatiel with a yellow head and bright orange cheeks, from 15 Old Middlesex Tpke, belonging to John andGeorgia Spanos. Last seen on Manwell Rd. and seems to be staying within that neighborhood. His name is "Mario" and he is hand-tamed and very friendly, but his wings are NOT clipped, so he is able to fly with ease. Any information/sightings will be greatly appreciated...he is missed tremendously. Please, PLEASE, send an email to sputnik649@aol.com.  Thank you!!!
Lisa Plamondon Spanos April 14, 2014 at 08:42 AM
UPDATE: This morning Mario our cockatiel was in the tree that we could not retrieve him from last night. So I brought over some of his food and a cage, but after we kept trying to talk him down to us, he took off and we searched all day and he seems to have left the neighborhood. He flew towards Manwell rd and maybe over to Parkhurst and Smith Sts. Please call me if you find him. Thank you so much. We are so worried about him. my no. is 978-256-0378


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