Beech Bench Follow Up to Questions

Purple Beech Tree Bench Dedication
Purple Beech Tree Bench Dedication

I'm enthusiastic by the response about the Purple Beech Tree Bench recently dedicated on The Common by The Chelmsford Garden Club.  For those that are interested here are the answers to several questions that were previously posted.

1. The Purple Beech is in fact well preserved and will continue to be preserved by the TREE Committee.  The bench will also be brought indoors for the winter by the DPW to further protect it from the elements.


2. As a teaching opportunity, slabs of the tree have been donated to The Paul Center's Nature Center, as well as McCarthy & Parker Middle Schools.  Also, the Parker Middle School Science Club under the direction of Ms. Mayotte and Mr. Bruyn will be preserving and studying a slab which will eventually go on display at The Town Hall.  A brochure written by the Science Club detailing the History of the Purple Beech as well as detailed dendrochronology (tree ring analyis) will be part of the brochure for display at The Town Hall.


3. Phil Stanway of COSS was instrumental in having the Purple Beech grafted.  There are 20 healthy saplings at a nursery which will be ready for planting in a few years.  There were no seeds viable for planting when the tree was removed nor in the last few years.


4. Beech Wafers and samples of mulch were distributed by the TREE Committee at Arbor Day Festivities at Red Wing Farm and Adams Library.  Wood and Mulch is available by request by completing the "Purple Beech Tree Wood Request Form" which is found at the TREE Committee's website. http://ma-chelmsford.civicplus.com/index.aspx?NID=340


--Cathy Jewell, Co-Chair TREE Committee


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